1) Well, I asked my question in the title already. Also if you can describe in syllabus-like way, then it'd help me a lot.

2) Also I've completed python course in Codeacademy. Will it be any help? Now what course should I take? I'm considering Udacity's Web Development which is heavily python-focused. Or what you'd suggest?

3) What it takes to become fairly successful freelance web developer? To be more precise, I want to earn 30$+/hour. How should I prepare myself?

4) My major is ECE, at a public engineering university. Will my lack of certificate in CS matter, if I want to apply big companies later on?

asked 03 Feb '15, 10:22

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Answering the title question. Apart from basic understanding of programming, you might consider the qualities like this,

  • Back-end language can be Python, Java, Php, Ruby, C# etc.
  • You need to know the technologies like database and servers.
  • SQL
  • Need to know the use of different http methods.
  • Object oriented programming concept.
  • Some front-end design knowledge.
  • Understand and able to use some popular frameworks.
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answered 03 Feb '15, 14:21

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Thank your for your kind answer. :) Should I try to learn all of the languages you've mentioned or just they're like alternatives? Also if possible, then suggest a beginner's friendly phython book where I can learn it's real life applications in web.

(05 Feb '15, 01:55) bruce_wayne

these are alternatives. you don't need to learn all programming languages.learn python the hardway is good beginner's friendly python book. you can also try Python video tutorial by Tamim Shahriar Subeen.

(05 Feb '15, 04:04) __salman__ ♦♦
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