Plz help me i am confused

asked 10 Feb '15, 06:39

Golam%20Kibria%20Sajib's gravatar image

Golam Kibria Sajib

Yes, after learning C, learn data structure and use C language to implement (code) the data structures.

(10 Feb '15, 10:52) Tamim Shahriar Subeen ♦♦

প্রশ্নের টাইটেল হবে সংক্ষিপ্ত। আর বর্ণনায় বিস্তারিত লিখতে হবে।

(26 Feb '15, 14:36) Tamim Shahriar Subeen ♦♦

As you know the basic of C language,it is time to implement C language to solve real life problems.When you are going to solve problems(like solving problems in online judges),we will need data structure for making efficient programs.So the answer is yes.Learn the data structure step by step if you know the basic of Language C.Happy Coding.

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answered 10 Feb '15, 07:06

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Kaiser Ahmed

Yes, it will be efficient to learn data structure with C language. It helps you to enhance your C language skills.

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answered 10 Feb '15, 11:10

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Tamanna Nishat Rini ♦♦

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