how does oj, judge submitted solve is right or wrong ? What is the procedure of judge? interested to know briefly !!!

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Pro Sikder

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I down voted this question because, the title of your question is too big and also the title and body are same. Make question title as brief as possible and give detail in the body.

(02 Sep '15, 09:39) __salman__ ♦♦

Now its alright Mr. Salman??

(02 Sep '15, 16:33) Pro Sikder

I know so far, for any particular problem, judge has the inputs stored in a file to test them by running the submitted code. And the judge also has the output (or answer) file of the problem. The judge stores all the outputs generated by the submitted code in another file. Then the contents of the judge's output file and the output file generated by the submitted code is compared. If they are identical, then the message "Accepted" will be given, "Wrong Answer" otherwise.

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answered 13 Jul '16, 18:54

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