I have passed from EEE from a public engineering university. I did not understand about CSE at the time of admission. I took EEE. During the programming course(Course on C), my interest developed in programming. I know a little bit about C, Python.Now i want to start my career in software development field. What should be my approach now? How my basic can be made strong in programming? What training should i do? Then, how can i show in my CV about my qualities as a software developer inspite of passing from EEE. I am passionate about it but confused how to start.

asked 15 Jan '16, 06:18

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sky best

You can start your career in software development easily.But you should have enough desire about this.For this,you should learn to solve algorithmic programming problems and discrete mathematics problems.You have to learn more programming languages too.You can learn C++,Java etc. now.These two programming languages with your or more learned programming languages(C,Python),algorithmic skill,discrete mathematics skill,desire will help you a lot.So,you have to start your career in software development by doing all these.Now you have to learn C++,Java,algorithms,discrete mathematics and practise your learned two programing languages(C,Python) too.

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answered 15 Jan '16, 14:28

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