char s1[] = "1996";
int a;
a = atoi(s1);

/ function atoi convert string into number but i want if b= 1000 then how it is stored in string s2[]; so that printf("%s",s2) will output 1000 /

asked 23 Apr '16, 11:25

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There is a standard library function itoa(int value, char *string, int base) which converts integers into string. It takes three parameters. First parameter is the integer to convert, second parameter is the string which will hold the converted string and third parameter is the base in which the integer will be converted.

int main(){
    char stringValue[20];
    int intValue = 1996;

    itoa(intValue, stringValue, 10);
    printf("Decimal: %s\n", stringValue);

    itoa(intValue, stringValue, 16);
    printf("Hexadecimal: %s\n", stringValue);

    itoa(intValue, stringValue, 2);
    printf("Binary: %s\n", stringValue);

    return 0;


Decimal: 1996
Hexadecimal: 7cc
Binary: 11111001011

Note: Header file for itoa is stdlib.h. I can't write header files in the formatted code. Don't know why.

Note: itoa isn't ANSI C Standard. So it won't compile in GCC under Linux. Here are some workarounds: itoa with GCC

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answered 23 Apr '16, 17:58

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Ashfaqur Rahman

Thanks.. I've understood..

(24 Apr '16, 14:50) SadhonRay

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(24 Apr '16, 14:53) Ashfaqur Rahman
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