Read two floating points' values of double precision A and B, corresponding to two student's grades. After this, calculate the student's average, considering that grade A has weight 3.5 and B has weight 7.5. Each grade can be from zero to ten, always with one digit after the decimal point. Don’t forget to print the end of line after the result, otherwise you will receive “Presentation Error”. Don’t forget the space before and after the equal sign.

আমার প্রোগ্রামঃ

int main()
    double a, b, MEDIA;
    scanf("%lf %lf",&a, &b);

    MEDIA = (a+b)/2.0;
    printf("PROD = %.5lf\n",MEDIA);

    return 0;

asked 30 Apr '16, 14:26

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Kaiser Ahmed

Give your code link :) I think it is a problem of URI. problem no. 1005 .Your code isn't right. :) check out properly

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answered 30 Apr '16, 16:30

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Your answer should be like this:


int main() { float a,b; double avg; scanf("%f%f",&a,&b); avg = (a3.5+b7.5)/(3.5+7.5); printf("MEDIA = %.5lf\n",avg); return 0; }

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answered 30 Apr '16, 18:07

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Mahmud Hossain

edited 30 Apr '16, 18:21

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