If we want to calculate area of a circle, We can use the value of pi like this pi = acos(-1.) . How does the inverse function work here and how it gives the value of pi here? Thanks in advance.

asked 15 Jul '16, 16:10

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acos() is just a function which calculates cos^-1(x), where x is an angle.

We have, cos(180) = -1 (the angle is in degree unit)

Now, if we convert the angle from degree to radians, we get,

cos(180* (pi/180)) = -1 (we have, 1 degree = pi/180 radians)

or, cos(pi) = -1

therefore, pi = cos^-1(-1)

which can be expressed in C as: acos(-1)

Note that, acos() is just a built in function in C under the header file math.h just like sin(), cos(), tan() or sqrt(), abs() etc.

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answered 18 Jul '16, 06:55

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