You have to process a mathematical expression and output the result. The expression contains three types of input: single digit number, plus sign (‘+’) and multiplication sign (‘*’). The precedence of ‘*’ is greater than ‘+’ as followed by any standard system. The expression ends with the minus sign (‘-‘) which will not be considered as the part of the expression but to mark the end of the expression. There must be at least one single digit number followed by the compulsory “-“ sign. You CANNOT use array for this.

Sample Input   Sample Output
1+2*2*3+5-          18

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Can you please provide the question link? Can't understand your problem for bad formatting.

NB: You shouldn't just ask for a homework / problem solution in the forum. These are for you to solve. You can ask for a specific problem if you are really stuck.

(06 May '18, 06:22) Ashfaqur Rahman
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